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Production Meeting Recap

Miriam Kinkheune Subject: Brainstorming session –11-year old Fireman!
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 11/13/08 1:00pm

MIRIAM: Sorry I’m late getting these notes up from yesterday’s production meeting/ongoing brainstorm. It looks like everyone is gone or not coming back from lunch? If we were doing a half-day I failed to hear about it, but I am thankful for the time to catch up on some tasks and get these notes posted.


Notes from project brainstorm production meeting [11/12/08]

recorded by Miriam K. (cert. stenographer)


MIRIAM: I happen to know of a boy through my husband Gerry’s business. (For those of you who aren’t aware, Gerry is founder and owner of Sports Nuts, which is a sports memorabilia store at ShoreCrest Shopping Center.) The boy is named Javier Romero Torres, and he is an 11-year old firefighter prodigy.


NICK: Damn.


SARAH: That is sooooo awesome.


MIRIAM: He apparently knew how to work the hydrants and the hoses when he was five, without any instruction.


AIDAN: A genius. This is great.


MIRIAM: He now works—or volunteers?—for the Masbee Vale Fire Department, in Arizona.


PIETER: Find out more, Miriam. The kid needs to be legit. I personally smashed up against some legal troubles in the 1980s for having a pod of adolescent employees at my racquetball gyms. Washing racquetballs, making orange julius, wiping out the court smudges—easy work, easy money, but the labor cocks don’t care. If they’re under 14 then they’re too young. It’s a mess. Check it out, but I like this story. That 11-year old sounds like he got a pair! Meeting adjourned!