I am impressed with the Pillipinoys last night. Popoy and his cousin, Ding-Dong, was a sharp business mind and the lady called Ting-Ting was very smart and attractive, a fine example of the mixture of Oriental and Spanish.


I left early with a good feeling about that company.


Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 5:45PM

Hello Wonderglen.


I’m writing to apologize.


As you know, the big dinner with Pinoy TV was last night at Buma restaurant. Pieter left early and I stayed for Phillipino dessert which they call “Dirty Ice Cream.” Everyone was feeling good, and I brought the Pinoy people back to Wonder Glen and, even though we weren’t supposed to mention it, I ended up showing them the Hobbit House demo …


And THEY LOVED IT! I asked directly if this meant we were getting a Green light. Popoy said, “Yes.”


They want a pilot! Kudos to Nick again for pulling this off!”