Looks like LSESII are being lame about this. See email below. They’re not doing much to combat the image of lightning struck people as being really difficult people.


Stay tuned: I’m gonna ask around to find some other survivors.



From: info@lseesssii.com

Date: November 20, 10:21:02 AM PDT

To: Nick Carcallo PoetryManBumbleBee7488@wonderglen.com

Subject: Lightning Strike Victims


Dear Mr. Carcallo,


Thank you for your interest in The Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International.


While lightning strike victims span all ages, races and walks of life, including, per your request, individuals who are “hot, young and enthusiastic,” those of us who have been lucky enough tosurvive the deeply painful injury of a lighting strike and its side effects are most assuredly not “OK with getting hit by lightning again.”


Best of luck in your life and career, And may you be blessed with a lightning-strike free life,


The LSEESSI Communications Department