Miriam Kinkheune Subject: Too-Good-to-Refuse Thanksgiving Offer
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 11/26/08 9:13am

I’m sure you all have Thanksgiving plans by now, but if anyone is stranded all by their lonesome, Gerry and I would love to have you over tomorrow. How we generally do it is that we divide up the grocery bill by whatever number of people comes, and it’s usually only about $35 each, including pie. This year Gerry caught the bird himself up in San Jose, so we will just factor in his money for gas and hunting knife. I’m making my famous pumpkin pie, too!


Here is a pic of Gerry with last year’s meal!



Sarah Madrick Sarah Madrick at 10:22AM

Miriam, that is so sweet. Thank you (even though I could have done without the hunting story and the photo!). Lance and I have plans to visit my mom. We usually go to a Chinese restaurant for T-Day.

Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 10:54AM

Thank you for the invite Miriam! Dean has a Thanskgiving tradition of not taking off his robe from Thursday morning till Sunday night and going off his diet for four days. I have to watch over him, and maybe get in my robe with a fresh cup of coffee for a couple of those days!

Pieter Voorhees Pieter Voorhees at 2:12PM

NO thank you I am taking a honeyglaze on my boat to Catalina.