There may be a way for me to get back on board with the “Lightning Rods” project. Dean and I have been talking, and we think there’s an opportunity to use “Lightning Rods” in a positive way: Dean could bring a healing angle to the show, and he’s willing to consider filming a therapy session with whoever gets struck by lightning. That could even be part of their prize!


Dean hasn’t said he’ll do it yet, but I think he would if the following conditions were met:



1. $55,000

2. laptop with Microsoft programs

3. dedicated admin so that everything doesn’t have to go through Miriam

4. four 30-second promo spots for Dean’s book, Mandolini’s Clarinet, during each episode of “Lightning Rods”

5. a robe, jacket and hat with show logo.


And of course the show would have to be re-titled (something like “Dr. Dean Payne’s Lightning Rods” or “Lightning Rods with Dr. Dean Payne.”)



Nick Carcallo Nick Carcallo at 4:19PM

Yo Nick here, diving back in on this project. I agree with Aidan’s take on using this as a vehicle for peace and healing.


I am back on board 110%.





Pieter Voorhees Pieter Voorhees at 4:34PM

Dean = not necessary. Glad you’re back with the show, Aidan.

Sarah Madrick Sarah Madrick at 4:49PM

Please keep me in mind with these kinds of projects! I speak Spanish

Miriam Kinkheune Miriam Kinkheune at 8:26AM

FYI, everyone: I am also available to pitch in a helping hand in times of crisis such as this in the future. However, I would appreciate the respect of being asked to do so. Please don’t make me have to ask you if I can help out. It’s degrading.