Miriam Kinkheune Subject: The Sacred Bleeding Heart of Merry Christmas
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 12/18/08 2:00pm

May you all have a blessed and joyous Christ-mas.



Nick Carcallo Nick Carcallo at 2:11PM

I will be celebrating Kwanzaa with my friends Raven and Mario (1/4th African-American). However, I respect the historical Jesus and his message. Peace.

Sarah Madrick Sarah Madrick at 3:02PM

Thank you so much, Miriam. Christmas has gotten me through some of life’s hardest moments

Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 4:02PM

Dean and I are going to Christmas brunch at Fauché. It’s the one day when Dean allows himself to drink champagne. Wish me luck!

Pieter Voorhees Pieter Voorhees at 4:11PM

No thank you. If you saw up close a puma eat a boy’s scapula off, then you would have no reason for there being a god. Religion is not important, what’s important is to everyone enjoy your vacation! See you in the new year WonderGlen!