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Wonderglen's Failed Ideas

Show title: Ant Wars!


Summary: A show submitted by Sarah’s boyfriend, Lance, after he was fired due to the economy. The show is about battles between insects.


Note: [from Pieter] The giant stink of our Bill Bouchard kloosterfuck has apparently blowed down the wind to the animal hippies, PETA, who is now on our jocks for giving cruelty to animals. Our Lawyer Stusinick has researched on it and sent this result.


Stusknick said it would be stupid for us to do this Ant War show.

Show title: Poachers


Summary: A reality show about game wardens that focused on the efforts of Bill Bouchard (Pieter’s friend), to prevent poaching on a state wildlife preserve.


Notes: Bill Bouchard sent in some tape of himself working as a warden on a game preserve. Bouchard was injured by a bear-trap during the tape, but Pieter sent Nick to get more footage, irregardless of how sketchy the whole scene looked.


Nick accompanied Bill on a patrol, and Bill turned out to be a head-tripping lunatic who should not be allowed to have a drivers license let alone two guns and a huge truck and the ability to roam free in the woods. WonderGlen is being persecuted for murdering 2 wildlife species and hitting some gay campers. By the way he was also NOT EVEN AN ACTUAL GAME WARDEN.

Show title: The Wall y Wonka

Summary: Nick’s idea. Wonder Glen will synch up Pink Floyd’s ground-breaking album “The Wall” and the Spanish version of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” — “Willy Wonka y la Fábrica del Chocolate.”


Notes: Turns out nothing happens. (i.e., this idea did not work).