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Nick Carcallo Subject: Hobbit House Tragedy
From: Nick Carcallo
Date: 11/21/08 06:14 PM

Terrible news. Barry passed away on Saturday.





Sarah Madrick Sarah Madrick at 6:20PM

Hey everyone, Brenningans has put up a really touching tribute to Barry on their web site.

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Brutal Phillipino Cultural Lesson
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/17/08 11:14 AM

“When a Filipino executive feels that telling the truth might embarrass or offend, he or she will often beat around the bush. In this context, “yes” doesn’t necessarily mean “yes.” The word “yes” could also mean “maybe,” “I guess that’s what you want to hear,” “Perhaps someday,” “I have no idea,” or “No.”


“Many meetings in Manila seem positive and productive, fueled by the adrenaline rush of money to be made, and sure to lead to great and wonderful things. All too often, the projects under discussion never get off the ground as the parties involved move on to other projects. This is usually because some participants were reluctant to show their reservations in the first place; they wanted to go along with the group consensus and share your fervor. While this has the short-term advantage of everyone leaving the meeting with a pleasant buzz, the longer-term consequences include puzzlement, frustration, and resentment.”


—from “Filipino Business Norms, Etiquette and Style”

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Hobbit House – Re: Re: Re: Any minute now!
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/17/08 03:38 AM

The Weather Channel said there was a minor typhoon near Quezon City. Pinoy Power’s mail server may be down – I am not hearing back on emails re: Hobbit House.

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Hobbit House is about to explode!
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/16/08 10:00 PM

I just got an email from Ding-Dong saying how nice it was to meet all the Wonder Glen staff!

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Tantalizing Pinoy Possibilities!
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/16/08 08:50 AM

The Pinoy Power! team is probably getting back to work in Quezon City late tonight our time. I am expecting an offer re: Hobbit House. Let’s be ready to move fast on this.



Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 1:30PM

No word from Pinoy Power! re: Hobbit House, but just realized that they are actually 15 hours ahead of us, so … stay tuned!

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Waiting for Popoy
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/15/08 07:23 PM

I have left voicemails for Popoy and Ding-Dong at Pinoy Power! Let’s be thinking about episodes and arcs for Hobbit House!

Pieter Voorhees Subject: Re: Pinoy Power! MAJOR event! tonight!
From: Pieter Voorhees
Date: 11/15/08 11:48 AM

I am impressed with the Pillipinoys last night. Popoy and his cousin, Ding-Dong, was a sharp business mind and the lady called Ting-Ting was very smart and attractive, a fine example of the mixture of Oriental and Spanish.


I left early with a good feeling about that company.


Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 5:45PM

Hello Wonderglen.


I’m writing to apologize.


As you know, the big dinner with Pinoy TV was last night at Buma restaurant. Pieter left early and I stayed for Phillipino dessert which they call “Dirty Ice Cream.” Everyone was feeling good, and I brought the Pinoy people back to Wonder Glen and, even though we weren’t supposed to mention it, I ended up showing them the Hobbit House demo …


And THEY LOVED IT! I asked directly if this meant we were getting a Green light. Popoy said, “Yes.”


They want a pilot! Kudos to Nick again for pulling this off!”

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Pinoy Power! MAJOR event! tonight!
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/14/08 05:16 PM

The “Pinoy Power!” team is arriving tonight to discuss “Hobbit House.” Let’s be on red-alert for impressing them and being culturally sensitive.

Nick Carcallo Subject: Hobbit House Dream is now a Reality
From: Nick Carcallo
Date: 11/12/08 10:30 AM

Demo is in the can. Peace,


Hobbit House Demo


Sarah Madrick Sarah Madrick at 1:00PM

Barry seems really angry and possibly intoxicated?


Miriam Kinkheune Miriam Kinkheune at 1:13PM

Did you dub the last line when the woman sees her house destroyed? She looks very upset.


Nick Carcallo Nick Carcallo at 1:55PM

Barry and the whole crew put in a lot of work, and I think it shows.


Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 1:57PM

I agree. You can see the sweat and the potential. Really artful – there’s nothing else out there like this. It just needs a few tweaks. Bravo, Nick.


Pieter Voorhees Pieter Voorhees at 4:00PM

Nick, please find a shit bucket and deposit this video tape in there. Emergency staff meeting to discuss the demo. Now. The “Hobbit House” demonstration video is a canceled subject of discussion — a.k.a. no talking about this horse shit disaster to any of the Pinoys. If they like the idea we will redo the video, OK?


Aidan Weinglas Subject: Booboy, Totoy, Nono, and Peaches
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/12/08 09:55 AM

Many Filipinos use nicknames such as Booboy, Totoy, Nono, Peaches, or Osean Bulldozer.


—The Philippine Daily Inquirer, “Philippine news for Filipinos”

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Misunderstanding the Phillipinos
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/11/08 08:13 AM

Hi Everyone: More tips to keep in mind as we try to sell “Hobbit House” to the Filipino gang at Pinoy Power!


“Do not refer to your business partner’s wife as a ‘hostess.’ That has a different meaning in the Phillipines.”


From “The Other Peso: Business and Society in Manila and Beyond”

Miriam Kinkheune Subject: Hobbit House emergency
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 11/10/08 01:55 PM

Emergency conference call meeting notes

by Miriam K (cert. stenographer):


(Miriam’s note: This was a short meeting

and was conducted via phone)


Pieter: Get the “Hobbit House” demo done NOW! I promised the Flips to show it in four days from now. They are flying in from Quezon City.


Nick: “I think—“


Pieter: “Shut up, Klootzak.”


(Miriam’s note: I Yahoo’d this word. It’s Dutch for “nutsack.”)



Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 7:00PM

Decided to do a U-turn. We will hit EmoMan at another time.


-Sent from my iPhone

Pieter Voorhees Subject: The trains is running late!
From: Pieter Voorhees
Date: 11/10/08 11:30 AM

Employees: We got some casting tape of a Hobbit guy but no show. What’s the delay? There is so much potential with this company but we are making garbage of the “Hobbit House” project – no progress. Let’s screw in your head bulb tight and get to work. Emergency meeting today at 2 p.m.



Miriam Kinkheune Miriam Kinkheune at 11:33AM

We can’t have an emergency meeting today. Nick and Aidan are on their way to the Burning Man. Sarah is out with nausea and vomiting (but also missed her period :-p)

Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 11:34AM

Hi Miriam! We’re actually going to an event called EmoMen, which is about developing healthy relationships between men and creating a temporary autonomous zone.

Miriam Kinkheune Miriam Kinkheune at 11:37AM

Excuse me?

Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 11:44AM

Wrestling, paired breathing yoga, djembe hand drumming, and canoeing. It’s a blast!


P.S. if Dean calls you please tell him I am location scouting out of cell phone range (He doesn’t “get” the whole EmoMan scene and it would just cause him to be stressed out, which he does not need more of!).

Aidan Weinglas Subject: More Phillippine Tricks to Beware of
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/08/08 11:50 AM

Just jumping in here with some Phillippino etiquette tidbits:


“If you are invited to Filipino home, it’s a good idea to bring fruits or flowers, but not chrysanthemums.” (from Doing Business the Pinoy Way)


Aidan Weinglas Subject: DANGER: Phillippino Traps
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/07/08 02:35 PM

CONCERN. Hi folks. I think it is important that we start thinking about Philippine business culture, since we will be in an important relationship with this culture during the production of “Hobbit House.” I have several friends who got burned by the Japanese businesspeople in the 1980s; at the time it looked like just one big drinking and sushi party but there were a lot of things going on beneath the surface and Eric got fired for ignorance and it could be argued that his unemployment caused the end of our relationship.


So: everyone take a look at a book like Doing Business the Pinoy Way, or Cashing in on the Phillipine Peso. Let’s be culturally sensitive.


Aidan Weinglas Subject: Hobbit House – The Pinoys are Coming!
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 11/06/08 10:30 AM

Big news Wonderfuls: Some of the execs from Pinoy Power! are coming from Quezon City soon and want to take the staff out for dinner at a restaurant called Buma to discuss Hobbit House.

Nick Carcallo Subject: Hobbit House – Get ur drink on with Barry Magrew!
From: Nick Carcallo
Date: 10/24/08 05:45 PM

What’s up Wonderglens? There will be an informal get-together after work at Brennigan’s Hole to meet Barry Magrew, our potential host for Hobbit House. Directions at the web site.


Aidan Weinglas at 4:15AM

“I love Barry! He is perfect for ‘Hobbit House.’ Kudos to Nick for thinking on his feet and making this happen! That pub was insane! Hiring Nick has been an absolute godblesesing! I’m very psyched for this whole project and the company let’s have some fu8un this year and make some $$$!!^#%

[sent from my iPhone].

Miriam Kinkheune Subject: Despearate need for Hobbit Host!
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 10/24/08 11:15 AM

Wonder Glen Meeting Minutes –
recorded by Miriam K. (cert. stenographer)


Pieter kicked off the meeting saying he’s going to be ’’not firing on all the pistons’’ for a few days because he got hit in the eye with a racquetball.


Sarah says location scouting is going well. She and her boyfriend, Lance, went to a B&B in Seattle and came across a Hobbit Hut!


Sarah said it could be perfect. It had private hot tubs!


(Miriam K note: are these all company expenses? Just wondering?!)


Pieter said Craigslist was a failure, a ’’booby traps constructed by assholes.’’ And that it needs more casting “before the pot empties in the Hobbit’s mouth.” Ideas?

Nick said he has the perfect answer: there is a guy who hangs out at a local pub. His name is Barry Magrew, and he’s an Irish contractor from New Jersey. He might be perfect for this role and is always hanging out Brennigan’s Hole, so we can probably pop over there after work and meet him. Nick will coordinate.

Nick Carcallo Subject: Hobbit House – Casting Call Booyakasha
From: Nick Carcallo
Date: 10/23/08 11:00 AM

Hey y’all. Check out the killer casting call I whipped up for “Hobbit House.” Responses are floodin’ in. Peace out, Nick.




YOU: Midget with contractor’s license. Must have car, own tools. No dopers, scammers or whiners. Irish accent, Tagalong fluency a plus.


US: Cutting edge multi media production company with TV pilot deal with major network.




P.S. Send pics/headshots!


Subject: x-treme DK
Date: October 22, 2008 11:48:26 AM PDT


Increase the size of your m3mb3r for her!!!!


Sarah Madrick at 10:37AM

I can’t tell that well from the pic, Do you think he’s right for the part?

Miriam Kinkheune at 10:38AM

That’s porn, hon.

Nick Carcallo at 11:03AM

Yo, this one’s a little better. No resume, though …




Subject: I will take the gig
Date: October 22, 2008 10:48:26 AM PDT

kaptain kranker

I’ll be a Movie star! Hellz yeah … Kaptin Kranker Banker

Icon Aidan Aidan Weinglas at 11:05AM

Hmmm, kind of the “rough Hobbit” look? I like your thinking here, Nick.

Pieter Voorhees at 11:07AM

No. Wake up stupid guys.

Nick Carcallo at 1:41PM

Back from lunch at Café Reciprocity. My inbox is blowing up, y’all:


Subject: Nows the time?
Date: October 23, 2008 10:48:26 AM PDT


We are a sexy young couple and saw your add. She is asian bi and he is white and very straight. We have done this before and can definitely kink it up. Hoping you can host. Must be clean and drama free. BTW could you resend your pic? Could not open;(






Subject: Owls OK?
Date: October 23, 2008 11:30:26 AM PDT

Owl Trainer

Owl Trainer


I am the best owl trainer in the western states and does this job come with health insurance, and does it cover pre-existing conditions? Just curious.


P.S. No peanuts/toxins.




Subject: Serioius business offer
Date: October 23, 2008 12:01:33 AM PDT


Dear Sir,


After consulting with my colleagues and the Nigerian Chamber of Congress, I have serious business proposal. May I request to transfer $47,000,000 into your account? International laws prevent me from acess to the funds. I need only your assistance and I know I will can trust you. For this, I am happy pay you 30%.


Please, can I count on you? What is your bank account number for swift transfer?




Ted Unawha




Sarah Madrick at 2:01PM

OMG! $47,000,000. Nick, is that for real? Should we split up the money?

Aidan Weinglas at 2:02PM

Sarah, could you come over to my office fer a sec?

Sarah Madrick at 2:06PM

sadSorry. Ugh. I knew it wasn’t real, and I would’ve donated my share to Pony Rescue/SPCA and kept working here anyways sad

Nick Carcallo at 3:04PM

Bottom of the barrel, kids. Also, our posting has been flagged and removed. Here’s the last few.


Subject: Holistic thinking
Date: October 23, 2008 12:49:24 AM PDT

GAIA listener

I am new to acting (but not new to life!)! So I guess you could say that I’ve done the following roles: wife, mother, activist, poet, teacher, student, artist, wild woman, free spirit, lover, gardener, thinker, grandma, and GODDESS!




Subject: Important message
Date: October 23, 2008 12:50:26 AM PDT



U R faggot.




Subject: Talented small actor Wiley Murphy
Date: October 23, 2008 12:58:12 AM PDT

Wiley Murphy

Print/video model.
Outfits: spaceman, football, cowboy, tuxedo, lifeguard.




Subject: Muscular but not midget, fluent in Portuguese
Date: October 23, 2008 1:01:08 PM PDT


Body Builder

Aerobie. Weightlifting. Ultimate Frisbee. Done 8 plays and 6 movies in the last 4 months.

Aidan Weinglas at 3:11PM

He doesn’t scream Hobbit, but maybe worth having in the rolodex for something down the line?

Pieter Voorhees at 4:04PM

Never go to that shit agency again. How much we pay for that shit?

Nick Carcallo at 4:11PM


Pieter Voorhees at 4:15PM

Whoever. He’s a shit. Pay him and never use them again.

Miriam Kinkheune Subject: Sad Hobbits, Cold Chili
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 10/21/08 08:09 AM

Lots of leftover chili in the staff kitchen since Gerry and I were the only ones at the LOTR viewing last night! Too bad no one could make it. If you have any Hobbit questions, feel free to ask.



P.S. Are we thinking there will be small Hobbit kinds of people in this show? Or is it real-size people with small houses? Something to consider.


Pieter Voorhees at 9:50AM

Yes what’s the plan? Is there enough midget or dwarfs that can act OK? If not we get a grown man in the short category, like Aidan’s height, and then just have them sit down when they’re doing the remodeling, ya? No problem.

Pieter Voorhees Subject: Hobbit House – Hammer Time
From: Pieter Voorhees
Date: 10/20/08 04:00 PM

I have decided to drop down the decision hammer about “Hobbit House.” The buyers are hot but they need some bait to bite. We need a demo, and Wonder Glen is going to produce a teaser video of “Hobbit House” on its own. The Netherlands sea captain Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter said it best, “A man who does not avoid a risky situation is the only candidate for hero.”

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Hobbit House – Re: In OTHER news…
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 10/17/08 03:00 PM

Hi Guys!

Good news: Pieter and I had really good, positive meetings with HGTV and Discovery Channel. They’re going to pass for now, but they said they would look at a demo if we made one! “Pinoy Power!” is still VERY hot on the project.

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Hobbit House – Re: In OTHER news…
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 10/16/08 12:51 PM

The momentum is building, folks! Home and Garden TV is also interested in “Hobbit House.” See emails below


On October 15, 2008, at 4:03 PM, Aidan Weinglas <> wrote:


Hi Nikki,


It’s Aidan Weinglas over at Wonder Glen productions. Don’t know if you remember me – we met at Ray Gold’s 50th b-day bash (I was the guy who sang “Autumn Leaves” … in French! smiley Too much Pinot Grigio sad.


We’ve got a new show in the works that I think might be in the sweet spot for Home and Garden TV. Here’s the lowdown (I can fill you in on the details later):


To capitalize on the popularity of Lord of the Rings trilogy and the plethora of recent home improvement shows, Wonder Glen productions presents “Hobbit House,” a show about the building, renovation, exploration and decorating of underground dwellings, bungalows, tunnels and burrows. Each week we follow our host to a different Hobbit-type abode, and learn about the eco-friendly and fascinating décor of these legendary little abodes and dwellings. Imagine re-doing an entire Hobbit kitchen with an expert in Hobbit House design, or building a living room that would be perfect for the likes of Sam Gamgee, Daisy Boffin or the The Lord of the Hobbits … Bilbo Baggins himself!


Ranging from luxury, decked-out Hobbit penthouses to simple, rustic Hobbit cabins, “Hobbit House” will leave no stone unturned in the world of the small dwellings that housed the Academy Award-winning people … the Hobbits.


Please do not hesitate to call with any questions!






Begin forwarded message:


From: Nicole Taylor
Date: October 15, 2008 8:13:30 PM PDT
Subject: RE: Hobbit House


Hi Aidan!
neat stuff, sounds fun :-) let’s talk –nikki

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Hobbit House-in OTHER news…
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 10/16/08 12:40 PM

GOOD NEWS: Cynthia and Daniel from Discovery Channel are keen to talk about “Hobbit House.” Meeting scheduled for next week.

Pieter Voorhees Subject: Hobbit House – The pitch
From: Pieter Voorhees
Date: 10/15/08 03:03 PM

Below I am dispatching to everyone my writeup for a pitch for the Hobbit show. Miriam please clean up the front entryway area—there is a beef smell, it seems like to me — and proofread this pitch. Don’t go hogshit with the editing, please — the foyer takes priority.


The Hobbit House Show, a Wonder Glen production


Summary: Do little miniature mans have their own home-repair issues? You bet, and they need remodeling just like a full size persons. Wonder Glen productions take a close-up look at some of the small dwellings where a Hobbit might live: burrows, bungalows, tunnels, and hovels and bunkers. You don’t have to be a Hobbit to savor the fine art of fancying up a tiny house, and the little guys want to make it eco friendly, to realize the green dream of the hippies. It’s a half hour of green building, underground living and smashing down a Hobbit house then constructing it back up into the American dream. If you like The Lord of the Rings movie or book, get ready for a sensational something. Imagine a house with circle shape doors plus a three foot tall man!


Hobbit House: “If you were a Hobbit, you’d be home right now.”


Aidan Weinglas at 5:09PM

I cleaned up the Hobbit House pitch a little and sent it to Pinoy Power. Big news: They are “very interested” in “Hobbit House”! See below for the pitch:


Wonder Glen productions presents “Hobbit House,” a show about the building, renovation, exploration and decorating of underground dwellings, bungalows, tunnels and burrows. Each week we follow our host to a different Hobbit-type abode, and learn about the eco-friendly and fascinating décor of these legendary little dwellings. Imagine re-doing an entire Hobbit kitchen with an expert in Hobbit House design, or building a living room that would be perfect for the likes of Sam Gamgee, Daisy Boffin or the The Lord of the Hobbits … Bilbo Baggins himself!


Ranging from luxury, decked-out Hobbit penthouses to simple, rustic Hobbit cabins, “Hobbit House” will leave no stone unturned in the world of the small dwellings that housed the Academy Award-winning people … the Hobbits.

Miriam Kinkheune Subject: Reminder: LOTR party!
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 10/14/08 01:13 PM

Don’t forget my LOTR party. Here’s the invite. Feel free to bring whomever you like. Aidan – that includes Dean.

Miriam Kinkheune Subject: Hobbit House – Minutes
From: Miriam Kinkheune
Date: 10/10/08 08:53 AM

Hi Everyone. I have put up the notes from Friday’s production meeting about Hobbit House


The Wonder Glen Meeting Minutes

recorded by Miriam K. (cert. stenographer)

Pieter assigned roles for the “Hobbit House” production.
Aidan = Producer.
Nick = Casting.
Sarah = Location scouting and setting up pitch meetings with Home and Garden TV, Bravo, and Discovery Channel.


NICK: I wanted to bring up another possibility: One of my college buddies turned me on to a TV station called Pinoy Power!, a Philippine Network. I think there could be a huge potential audience there because he also told me there really is a Hobbit House in Manila called “Hobbit House.”


SARAH: College?


AIDAN: Nick went to business college.


NICK: Business school.


MIRIAM: Your resume says Business Institute, similar to what I did.


SARAH: Is that a community college for business?


MIRIAM: Basically.


PIETER: Hey! Chatterbluchen is over. Let’s shine the laser beam on our work at hand. Aidan, you and me work on this pitch for Hobbitat. We got to emphasize the green/eco horseshit to get the advertising dollar from the hippie boomie babers.


AIDAN: That’s a slightly different angle than what I was thinking. Maybe we make it a home-improvement angle, where we find a run-down Hobbit House and ‘gay it up.’


SARAH: Are we allowed to say that?


PIETER: Possibly, but how many run-down Hobbit houses is there, though, Aidan?


SARAH: What if we make it a reality competition show? We get a bunch of B-list celebrities and pair them with real midgets and see how long they can live underground together!


NICK: Snap. I got it: “Deep Hobbit House.” As in house music. We put some hot young people in an underground bungalow for a six-day rave to raise money for Darfur. And then we can film all the hook-ups and hella dramatic shit.


AIDAN: That is so hot. Very edgy. I love it.


PIETER: Darfur needs to work things out by their own selves. It’s the only way a country becomes self-fueling, grown-ups. Let’s chew on this option menu. Meeting adjourned.


MIRIAM: What with our newfound interest in Hobbits, I would like to invite everyone to my town house to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy next week for research. My husband Gerry will make real Texas-style chili. The secret ingredient is dark chocolate!!


NICK: Bluh.


PIETER: Fine. Meeting adjourned.


Sarah Madrick at 12:01PM

Happy Friday everyone!

BAD NEWS about Nick’s idea of there being a Hobbit House in the Philippines: it looks like it’s just a bar where Pilipino midgets work:

Very cute, though!

P.S. I never new they spelled it Pilipino. Thank God for spell check!

Nick Carcallo Nick Carcallo at 12:56PM Got something even better: If we had concerns about their being an audience for HH, we can drop them now:


Yeah. An entire SUBURB of Hobbit Houses built in Oregon. They’ve build 2, but they’re gonna do 30 once some of the lots sell.

Aidan Weinglas Aidan Weinglas at 1:23PM Oooh, good find! Oregon is majestic and untapped. Dean is actually in training for a race near the Oregon Shire called “Pole Pedal Paddle”. It’s a triathlon except with skiing and canoeing instead of
running and swimming!

Miriam Kinkheune Miriam Kinkheune at 1:33PM Are they really authentic hobbit cottages? Looks like some have garages/more than one story/aren’t underground. I think others agree.
See for yourself. :(

Aidan Weinglas Subject: Hobbit House – BRB!
From: Aidan Weinglas
Date: 10/06/08 04:00 AM

RE: My whereabouts:

It’s been a crazy couple months getting The Wonder Glen production office up and running and I wanna give kudos to all you guys for your hard work. I, for one, am exhausted, which is why Dean and I are on a quick trip to Wales to celebrate the publication of Dean’s book, Mandolini’s Clarinet (And Other Tales from the Therapist’s Couch).


That said, Dean and I went tandem mountain biking in the Woods of Wales and there was a scary noise (screaming crow) that made Dean wreck the bike into an oak tree. The front tire was literally folded in half, and Dean said he had a concussion, so I wandered around the forest, terrified and freezing, looking for help. That’s when I stumbled onto this house: It’s an incredible forest dwelling, like a real life Hobbit House! and the family that lives there are so sweet. (The husband is really kind and young/rugged and built the house with his bare hands).


They’ve invited us to stay the week, so Dean and I are just gonna chill out and do NOTHING for eight days! And live like Frodo and Samwise :)

And make sure to check out Dean’s new web site!


Sarah Madrick at 9:01AM

Aidan, that’s so great that you’re taking a big trip to Wales with your partner, Dean! Are we all allowed to take vacation already? Just wondering!

Nick Carcallo at 10:16AM

It has always been a dream and personal goal of mine to attend the full moon rave in Koh Phangan, Thailand. If vacation requests are being accepted, then I submit. Peace.

Sarah Madrick at 10:18AM

I would love to put in a vacay request, too smiley. I have a suspicion that my boyfriend Lance may be planning a special trip (!) soon.

Pieter Voorhees at 11:01AM

We have just swang open our business doors and now all the worker wants to go to spring break? No thank you. There is no vacations going on in Wonderglen at the moment.

Aidan will get spoken to soon: he is on a business-related trip and he failed to make that clear to you all.

Aidan Weinglas at 1:04PM

Sorry I was so sloppy in my last message. Pieter helped me to see how it could be misread! The main purpose of my trip was not vacation orientated; It was to scout for a show, and I think it’s paid off! Listen to this:

As I told you guys, Dean and I have been staying in this house: …And I have a new idea for a show: “Hobbit House.” It’s a reality show that focuses on all aspects of burrows, small dwellings, and underground bungalows. I’ve decided to cut my trip short so we can discuss this at the next production meeting! See you all back in the office tomorrow.