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Job Title: Production Assistant

I am thrilled to be working with all of you and share some of what makes Sarah Madrick tick!

I feel that my resume says a lot of what I’ve done, but here’s a little more about who I really am


Sarah Madrick


Act I: Childhood

This is me and my grandmother celebrating my fifth birthday at a carnival in Lisbion, Portugal.



“So many dreams yet to come true!”

There were a lot of turtles at the carnival; they’re literally like chickens over there.  I have always been an animal lover.


Act II: Theater!

One of my greatest loves is acting and the theater. In college I wrote, produced and starred in my own one-woman show, “Why are You So Thin, Mommy?” This is one of the scenes that I’m most proud of (I played both parts):


SARAH: Where did you park my car, Mom?

MOM: I told you, I don’t remember.

SARAH: What’s wrong with you? Are you alright?

MOM: I’m fine.

SARAH: No you’re not mom, what’s going on?

MOM: It’s nothing. I’m fine.

SARAH: Whose pills are these then?

MOM stomps off stage in a rage. Lights out.


ACT III: Soccer




Soccer is another huge part of who I am. I was called “Madrick” on my youth (AYSO) team, and that morphed into the “Mad Dog,” which was my high school and college nickname because of my ability with heading and clearing balls. Senior year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, the Mustangs played the Fullerton Titans to a tie in the Big West title game, still a reigning accomplishment of my career.


It was such a powerful and emotional memory for all of the girls on that squad, as our coach, Karen Haggus, died immediately after the game. The cause was: natural causes, she was 76 years old, but many of us feel she had much more coaching left inside of her.



Recycling is one of my big passions and I staunchly believe that Wonder Glen needs to implement a recycling program here in the office. I will be heading up that program and forming a committee Re: how we can work together to accomplish environmentally friendly.


I am also a fitness freak and Bikram yoga (the hot yoga!) is my latest obsession. If anyone is interested in possibly a pre-work yoga session in the conference room, let’s talk!


Finally, my unbelievable boyfriend, Lance, has been such a part of my life that it would be a sin to leave him out of my bio. So please search on the web for his band, Van Gogh’s Starship.